Patient Services

CAGNO is often the last resort for cancer patients who have limited income and no health insurance. Our patient services program can help cover the costs of prescription pain and treatment medications, colostomy bags and comfort items (bedpads, etc.) for cancer patients who cannot afford these necessities and/or “fall through the


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2015 MSWIT Fashion Fundraiser

The 2015 MSWIT Fashion Fundraiser will be Saturday, October 3rd from 12:30 – 3:30 at the Crown Plaza Airport in Kenner!

the 2014 Fashion Fundraiser was attended by over 200 people and generated over $10,000 for our partner charities

MSWIT’s primary objectives are to provide opportunities for women in the travel and tourism industries to network locally, nationally, and internationally with contacts that will contribute to their professional and personal growth, and to encourage and assist women to improve their knowledge and experience through educational programs.

Our partner charities:

CAGNO, a non-profit United Way community impact partner, prides itself in protecting and defending the community against cancer through education, outreach, research and assistance of needy cancer patients. CAGNO’s patient services program provides vital prescription medications and necessities to cancer patients who otherwise would have to do without.

New Orleans Family Justice Center is a partnership of agencies dedicated to ending family violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and stalking through prevention and coordinated response by providing comprehensive client-centered, empowerment services in a single location.

If you would like to help sponsor this event or but a ticket please visit our website at





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Breastoration, CAGNO’s latest collaboration seeks to offer ancillary financial help to women seeking breast reconstruction in the greater New Orleans area.  Breastoration is a donor-advised fund, and our donors can choose to designate their monies to be used for education, patient assistance, public relations, administration, or where the greatest need is.


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