Donate to CAGNO and help patients continue treatment.

» Posted by on Jun 7, 2017



It is our hope that if a patient is currently undergoing vitally necessary treatment CAGNO can be there to help with basic necessities.  Donations to CAGNO, CFC and the United Way make this possible.  Sometimes I hear people say “but I can only donate a few dollars.  What difference to I make?”  You make a big difference!!  It only takes $30 to provide a case of Nutritional Supplements to a patient who cannot eat solid food.  $50 can provide pain or nausea medication.  $80 can provide a co-pay for a prescription that patients need to prevent clotting.  $125 can be used to help patients travel back and forth to treatment.  Radiation treatments can be 35 roundtrips or more and $225 will normally provide services needed for one patient for one month.  So you see for less than $1 a day you can help take away barriers and help a cancer patient successfully complete treatment.  No one should ever have to decide between paying a light bill, buying food or paying for medication and with your help CAGNO is dedicated to helping patients’ complete treatment.    Click on our Donations/Memorials Page.