iQuit – A Tobacco Cessation Solution for Young Adults

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A Tobacco Cessation Solution for Young Adults

CAGNO is pleased to be launching a new program to help young adults quit using tobacco.  A few facts for our “future quitters”:

  • Approximately 90,000 young adults (ages 21-35) in the greater New Orleans area smoke every day.
  • About 18,000 young adults are expected to die from smoking-related diseases 10 years prior to the life expectancy of the young adults who are non-smokers.
  • For every person who dies from smoking, 20 times that many suffer from smoking-related illnesses such as cancers, heart diseases, and COPD.

That’s the bad news, but there is good news!  Medical research has found that smokers who quit by age 35 generally will not die from a smoking related illness; and within 15 years after quitting, they will have the same quality of health as a non-smoker.  NOW is the time to quit, don’t wait till LATER.

iQuit is designed specifically for the way that young adults achieve results… connecting with peers, collaborating, and supporting each other.  The iQuit Design is based on three parts:

Part 1 – Attend a weekend retreat with other “future quitters”

Part 2 – Join a small iQuit Community at the retreat

Part 3 – Quitters will actively support each other after the retreat

During the retreat, participants can expect to have excellent support to help manage those first stressful days of quitting.  There will be access to tobacco cessation counseling, support networks, a nutritionist, and an exercise professional.  Everyone you need to set you up for success!  After the retreat, you can stay in touch to continue the quit support.

The next retreat is Aug. 14-16 2015 in Covington, LA.  It will be at the beautiful (and stress free!) The Rivers Retreat Center.  Please view their website to see all the amenities:

Cost: $50 (a $400 value, food included)   To begin your registration CLICK HERE

To find out more information about iQuit, contact:

Joanna Jao                            504-733-5539